I am so pleased to have started hypnosis with Barry. I wanted to start a 0-5 km jogging program, but lacked motivation and was inconsistent with training. After one session with Barry, I jumped out of bed the next day - without an alarm - and got started. I am now on week 6 of the program and couldn’t be happier!


Having had a horrific abusive incident in my life by a male figure I was afraid of all males. Barry helped me to put the intensly emotional memories and emotions in a place where they no longer control me. I trust Barry. He is extremely helpful and supportive.


Barry asked excellent questions before the hypnosis and really listened to what I wanted to get out of the experience. After being hypnotized, I feel much clearer about what steps I need to take to move forward…


Barry hypnotized me after a very traumatic experience with my son left me full of anxiety and unable to sleep. I wasn’t sure I believed him when he said he could help me remember the experience, but not feel so anxious, but it worked. I remember every detail, but no longer burst into tears when I think about it. Thank you, Barry! I am sure time could have healed that wound, but I am so glad I didn’t have to wait!!


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